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Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan

College of Engineering and Technology


Approved by AICTE, NEW DELHI | Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. ( Accredited by NAAC with "A+" Grade )

Recognized under section 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956. Accredited by NBA for AERO,CSE,EEE,ECE,IT,MECH & MBA

2023 - 2024
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Extra Curricular Committees

The Institution has been organizing various extracurricular activities in the name of NSS, YRC, Fine Arts Committee, RRC, and Journal club meetings for the overall development of the students.


Members of the NSS Committee

# Member Name Designation Member Position
1 Mr.Niranjan.R Assistant Professor, Dept of MECH Coordinator - Unit-I
2 Mr.Vardharaja Perumal.S Assistant Professor, Dept of English Member - Unit-I
1 Mr.V.Porselvan Assistant Professor, Dept of MECH Coordinator - Unit-II
2 Mr.Murugavel.A Assistant Professor, Dept of MATHS Member - Unit-II
  • To conduct awareness programs on health issues.
  • To create AIDS Awareness Programmes in periodical meetings.
  • To create Awareness on blood donation and its importance.
  • To identify the donors when required as a part of extension activity.
  • To conduct Camp in remote areas

Members of the YRC Committee

Decentralization in working:

A core team of about 10 members own and lead the major processes in the institute to see that all these processes are in fact.

List of faculty members who are administrators/decision makers for various assigned jobs:

# Member Name Designation Member Position
1 Mr.Arul Leo Felix Assistant Professor, Dept of BME Coordinator
2 Mrs.Aparna Sai Promod Assistant Professor, Dept of EEE Member

Functions of the YRC

  • To arrange youth hostel for those students going on industrial visit, if needed.
  • To organize Awareness Programme to preserve healthy environment with other professional bodies.
  • To organize various extension programmes of YRC.
  • To arrange for driving license and passport for the students and staffs.
  • To organize meetings of YRC Members by inviting the YRC Coordinators of the District/state/university level clubs.

Student Members

1 Mr.S.Hirthick Roshan III Year MECH NSS
2 Ms.Shakthi Priya III YEAR EEE YRC


Members of the Committee

1 Mrs.A.Aruna Assistant Professor, Dept of Food Coordinator
2 Mr.C.Kathiresan Assistant professor, Dept of AGRI Member
3 Mrs.S.Jerolin Professor, Dept of Food Member
4 Dr.R.Deepa Assistant Professor, Dept of MATHS Member

Student Members

1 Ms.H.Abitha IV Year ECE Secreatary
2 Ms.M.Ammu IV Year IT Secreatary
3 Ms.B.Shrinithi III Year It Joint Secreatary
4 Ms.Logeswari III Year BME Joint Secreatary
5 Ms.V.Harikrishnan III Year EEE Joint Secreatary

Functions of the Committee

  • To nominate students for various Inter-collegiate events.
  • To identify and sustain the latent talents of the students and to nominate various programmes in colleges and universities.
  • To train the students for various cultural programmes.


Members of the Committee

1 Mr.N.Suresh Physical Director Coordinator
2 Mr.Tamizharasan.S Physical Director Member
3 Mr.K.R.Sudhagar Natraj Assistant Professor, Dept of English Member
4 Ms.A.Hema Latha Assistant Professor, Dept of Agri Member

Student Members

1 Mr.T.Balamurugan III Year CSE
2 Mr.S.Pari III Year Civil

Functions of the Committee

  • To encourage the students to participate in sports activities in national, international level, state level , and zonal level.
  • Identifying the students interest and make them get involved in sports.
  • Every year sports day will be conducted college level in the presence of eminent guest.


Members of the Club

1 Dr.Joel Z Johnston Professor, Dept of MBA Coordinator
2 Mr.E.Dilipkumar Assistant Professor, Dept of MCA Member
3 Ms.S.Porselvi Assistant Professor, Dept of MBA Member

Student Members

1 Mr.Rahul Prasad. IV Year CSE Secreatary
2 Mr.D.Dhileep Kumar. II Year CYBER Joint Secreatary
3 Mr.Rahul Kanth. III Year AERO Joint Secreatary
4 Mr.R.Saran. II Year CYBER Joint Secreatary

Functions of the Club

  • To organize student presentations and seminars.
  • To check the sources of these presentations beforehand to ensure authenticity.
  • To document the details of the presentations and submit the same to the Principal.

E. ECO club

Members of the Club

1 Mr.K.Shanmuga Sundaram Assistant professor, Dept of Aero Coordinator
2 Dr.Sutapa Ghosh Associate professor, Dept of Physics Member
2 Ms.P.Revathi Assistant professor, Dept of ECE Member

Student Members

1 Mr.S.Sathish II Year MCA Secreatary
2 Ms.N.Devadharshini II Year MBA Secreatary

Functions of the Club

  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Clean and Green campus initiatives
  • Pollution free drive
  • Environment preserving initiaves.