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Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan

College of Engineering and Technology

Approved by AICTE, NEW DELHI | Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. ( Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade )

Recognized under section 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956

Accredited by NBA for ECE,EEE & CSE


  • M.B.A- Business administration/
  • Intake 60/
  • Starting Year 2001/
  • Duration 2 Years

About Course

MBA program is a residential program since they are PG programs. Students need to stay in the campus to use all facilities available, maximize their learning and ready themselves to face the industry.

The programs follow the curriculam of Anna University. The University upgrades the curricula dynamically in tune with the requirements of the industry. The faculty of the college contribute significantly to the curriculum development. The University adopts a semester system which leads to a frequent testing of the students’ absorption of the course content.

The classroom pedagogy involves the case method, group discussion, role-play, business games, and workshops. The students are encouraged to actively participate, and challenge themselves in the learning process. Extensive use is made of technology in the teaching process with a centralized repository of academic resources called GARC (Graduate Academic Resource Center).

The MBA program is of 4 semesters (2 years) duration. The evaluation of students comprises of both internal assessment by the faculty and examinations by the University. Internal tests are conducted periodically to assess the performance continuously.

The course curriculam also include real-time projects undertaken by the students in various companies in their chosen field of specialization. The students are therefore “industry ready” when they leave the institution. In addition, a number of projects are undertaken by the students as a regular part of their electives during the course.

Program Outcomes (POs):

PO 1: Engineering Knowledge: To expertise the knowledge of mathematics, science,Engineering fundamentals and to specialize themselves for the solution of complex Engineering problems.

PO 2: Problem Analysis: An ability to analyze, identify and formulate software and hardware Problems to give appropriate solution using basic principles of mathematics, natural Science and computer science.

PO 3: Design / Development of Solutions: Capability to design a system, component, or process to attain economic growth, environmental safety, social welfare and public wellbeing.

PO 4: Conduct Investigations of Complex problems: To build in research based knowledge which helps in providing valid conclusions.

PO 5: Modern Tool Usage: An ability to use the techniques, resources and recent IT tools Necessary for computer engineering practices with proper understanding of their Limitations .

PO 6: The Engineer and Society: To educate the impact of engineering solutions and to bring Awareness about consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional practice.

PO 7: Environment and Sustainability: An ability to demonstrate the recent societal and Environmental solutions which helps in gaining sustainable growth.

PO 8: Ethics: To understand the professional and ethical responsibility.

PO 9: Individual and Team Work: To play effective role as an individual, a leader and Member in multidisciplinary team.

PO 10: Communication: An ability to communicate effectively in complex situations and able to comprehend, design documents and to give and receive clear instructions.

PO 11: Project Management and Finance: To understand the engineering and management Principles and to apply those in project in different environments.

PO 12: Life-Long Learning: To engage in independent and life-long learning with wide scope Of technological changes .

Program Educational Outcomes (PEOs) of the Department:
Core & Breadth
PEO 1: To educate the students with good knowledge in the functional areas of management so as to realize, examine, use statistical methodology, improve marketing skills, and stimulate strategic thinking and groundbreaking ideas for the real life problems.
PEO 2: To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, leadership qualities, team work skills, multidisciplinary approach, critical and contemporary thinking and an ability to relate management issues to broader social context and relation to governance as well.
Life-long learning
PEO 3: To provide student with an academic environment and industry interaction to make them aware of preeminence, leadership, written ethical codes and guidelines, and the life-long learning needed for a successful professional career.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) of the Department:

PSO 1: To graduate the students with professional and ethical attitude, this helps them to function in multidisciplinary teams.

PSO 2:To provide Managerial skills in HR, Marketing and Finance specialization with an idea to bring all round development of the students which suit the industrial standard.


    DSCET – MBA has its prime aim to emerge as an ideal destination for Education, research and encouragement, a management pivot in entrepreneurship and industry eclipse services.


    M1: To drive the Enthusiastics to develop creativity for the benefit of the Human kind.

    M2: To educate the students about the need for research in Management Science, this contributes to the development of the society in large.

    M3: To produce meritorious students by encouraging and providing necessary infrastructure to become outstanding executives in the near future.